Vet the Victim

The World's Greatest Cat Toys

By Chrysoberyl

Arubacat Hut

No site would be purrfect without a link to the pawsitively best toys: Cat Charmer, Vet the Victim, and Mother in Law.

Cat Charmer

Of course, for a cat to rule properly, mere toys are not enough. My throne is without a doubt my most prized possesion. Arubacat is now online so get out your parent's credit cards and check out their site!

Although I am an indoor cat, I do get the benefit of frequent walks and manage to surprise many a passerby. Of course, none of these would be possible without my Lupine harness and collar. The best leash I have found is the Flexilead, it gives you the most freedom from your humans while they're on leash. My custom jewelry is made by Lucky Pet

I also spend hours watching my TV from my lifelike tree. Mom and Dad don't seem to mind me swatting at the glass as long as it is in the direction of the fish who picks on all the others - don't ask how I know.


Anyone thinking that I'm spoiled should check out The Cats' House. This is also a good place to get ideas. My parents promise to do something of the sort in the next house, but I think that is too far in the future.

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