Chrys' Basic
Internet Guide for Cats

"Helping is sitting in the middle of everything and looking adorable." .

Any respectable cat should have a hyperlink to the Internet for Cats, don't surf without it! Be sure to check out the Cat Net Surfer Tips and the Win95 review - get updated!

The truth about my owners...

Both: Sensible finacial planner, no sardines, face stuffer

Can you guess which is which?
Eau de bathrobe Eau de Oreo
Horizontally challenged Jelly Belly w/upolstery
Overpaid computer consultant Linguistically challenged
Answer Answer

For those linguistically challenged individuals who need translation, here's a link to the Internet Human Codes.

Anyone confused about the job of a cat should definately check out Basic Rules for Cats that have a House to Run, this is an especially good reference for you young cats.

Member in good standing:
The "Chatterbox" Club
The "Bed Hog" Club
The "Early Breakfast" Club
The "Elephant Cat" Club
The "Garbage Truck" Club
The "Hiyo Silver!" Club

Internet for Cats

Whatever can't be found at the above sites can probably be had through these general sites, but be carefull! They are directed toward the snooty purebred types, so take everything with a grain of salt: Cat Fanciers' home page and the Cat Fanciers Association.

Check out these COOL feline clip art sites:
Cat GIF Animations
First Choice Projects Cats GIFS Graphic Arts Gallery Resource Page

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